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Momo Momoko: Marina! :D You put a slovak flag in the opening credits! I was so excited. and then so disappointed.

Rodrigo Opina: Is it me or best women so far are RUSSIAN and MEXICAN?

Ronald Garcia: They always have a ru flag in their purses and occasionally wave it at road intersections but otherwise they r cute and kind

Erika Smith: I'm a Filipina. Born and raised in the Republic of the Philippines.

Gustavo Rojas: Im from Sweden i didnt know that dates didnt excist? not like i have been on one but thats cause im ugly (i think and all Swedish ppl dont drink like vikings you only do that to a certain age then you become old and boring like everyone else :D

Igor Gaydarov: That moment when you're swedish yet you couldn't make out a single word she said. FeelsGoodMan

Starriii :3: She manages to say oracres. High quality stuff right here boys.

Ginam Daisley: Of course we (girls will offer money, but the guy should always pay in the end.

Am i wrong for being upset?

  • Straight Chuck Gets His Dick Sucked - Chuck & Joe featuring amateur,...
  • Straight Chuck gets his big junk sucked by another man -
  • Straight Chuck Gets His Dick Sucked - Gay - Straight man Chuck is
  • Straight man Chuck is eager to find new opportunities, sharing his cock. Getting his cock sucked by another man for...
  • Naughty Chuck Is Ready for Some Sweet Dick Sucking Action -...
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Alice99 Manga: Are there really any colombians that agree with this video?

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  1. let's the kids choose everything from clothes to toy then we aren't pressuring them into trying to make their gender match their sex xx

  2. i find it more difficult to climax when doing doggie style.and easier when in missionary

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