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Cuba has brought us a lot of great things, aside from the food and the Rumba though, it has also brought us...

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I kid, I kid. He is a foreigner, we belong. Using my own body as a canvas, I began in to exclusively wear bow ties. Torres met Alec John Such while playing with a band called Phantom's Opera and it was this friendship which led to him joining Bon Jovi.

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Tommy The Cuban Torres

Hector Juan Samuel " Tico " Torres born October 7, is an American musician, artist, and entrepreneur, best known as the drummer , percussionist, and a songwriter for American rock band Bon Jovi. Kennedy Memorial High Indoctrinate in Iselin. Torres was a jazz fan as a youth and wilful music with Joe Morello. In , he played drums for the psychedelic rock band Six Feet Under.

Torres was together with one of the drummers auditioned by Kiss in after original drummer Peter Criss left the federate. Torres was the initial drummer for the glam rock band T. Torres met Alec John Such while playing with a band called Phantom's Opera and it was that friendship which led to him joining Bon Jovi. When Jon Bon Jovi , the lead troubadour of the band, approached Torres, he was set off by the particulars that Jon was 9 years younger than himself.

He said it was Jon's charismatic appearance and watching him perform that attracted him to accompany the band. Torres is primarily a drummer and percussionist, but he sang lead vocals on a song on the receptacle set ,, Bon Jovi Fans Can't Be Curious , as well as backing vocals on a couple of the ancient Bon Jovi tracks, significantly " Born to Be My Baby " and "Love for Sale".

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