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If it's actually a legitimate dating service is what we're here to inform you about. As part of our undercover investigation we...

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We are sorry you have experienced this. Looking for someone to connect with is simple through the impressive search function. Read the full investigation so you understand what Filipino Cupid is truly all about. The links are independently placed by our Commerce team and do not influence editorial content. I'm from the Philippines and my husband is from USA. One is that the moderation is very good, which eliminates a lot of fake profiles. San Diego dating

  • Filipino Cupid is a young site, having only started a decade ago, and is mostly composed of...
  • 76 reviews for FilipinoCupid, stars: "I really don't know why this site don't care Start...
  • Does FilipinoCupid work? Answer: If you are willing to subscribe. Nothing free...
  • Filipino Cupid is currently the largest dating site in the Philippines. This...
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Is Filipino Cupid Legit Kristiqn VT: France: Taking off a glove and slapping you with it

Conor Murphy: Sorry for my bad english )

Eye Land: WE THE BEST (no dj khaled)

Kierondo: I went to Germany and met a number of German girls, not big on smiling and not really the accent of seduction. Definitely the opposite of being in France where a French girl crept into my room and hit me in the face with a pillow to wake me. An unusual seduction technique but I am male so it worked.

Nicolesg: Hi guys I'm in Lisbon today

Skoczi244: I maybe in a special ed classroom, slightly over weight at a 150 pounds or 68kg, and never been taught a second language.

TJHaze123: Could you do next You know your dating Polish man\woman when. next ?

Igor Titov: Soo. Russian women don't like ass hats. Good to know.

Marco R2000: Lmao don't date isrealies they'll take over your country.

LadyDecember: You can barely read the text though

Youtube Kent singles!

FilipinoCupid Review - Shocking Truth Revealed - Marital Hookup


Filipino Cupid is by far the largest site in the Phils with over 3. The best part is there are more women then men! This means lower competition and more beauties to go around: I did terribly on the apps while I consistently pull women 20 years younger on FilipinaCupid. So you may be wondering what makes Filipino Cupid different from any of the other generic options out there. Not only are there more girls on here than others, but the quality is on average higher.

There are a few reasons that the quality is higher on here. One is that the moderation is very good, which eliminates a lot of fake profiles. You might be wondering if there are any scams on Filipino Cupid and rightfully so!

Sadly the Philippines is a poor country which means there are more scammers over there. Do you think a scam site would last more than 1 year let alone 15?

I'm looking for love in all the wrong places?

POTATOEMPN: Costa Rican oml.

Chloe Choate: I'd say Venezuela and Spain

Uzay Tansug: Ughh. Danish women suck.

Orion189: Please make one of Lebanese women, Persian, or Saudi, or Moroccan.

Mimiteen15: Also as a woman, expect to pay for your own on dates. After all, you are equal.

Izzifox: Overanalyzing, questioning, and overcomplaining? No joke, this seems like my kind of guy. XD

Kayla Harvard: The accent of the chilean woman. What a fucking mess!

Ikeknights: Every woman is feminine to me

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